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Custom Orthotics - Fastech Foot Support Technology
fastech custom orthoticsWhat part of your body suffers the most physical stress daily?  If you guessed your feet, you're right.  Most foot pain is the result of faulty alignment and function of bones and muscles of your feet. These muscles exert their effect on the knees, hips, lower back all the bones holding your body upright. Whether you are walking a mile, running a marathon or playing a leisurely game of golf, your feet, knees and hips are essential parts of your equipment.

Custom made orthotics
are inserts that are worn in shoes. Alleviating pain in one part of your body often requires treating a problem in an completely different part of the body. It could be that the pain you feel in your back, neck, or elsewhere is caused by unbalanced positioning in your feet. It's all connected. Custom made orthotic supports stabilize the foundation of the pelvis, spine, and neck, by first addressing structural problems with the feet.

Foot orthotics provide biomechanical control and stabilization to prevent over use injuries like shin splints, foot pain and knee pain. They also optimize your performance by making each step more efficient; less wear and tear on your feet, bones and shoes. Fastech offers either pre-molded footbeds and custom foot orthotics. When worn in your shoes, Fastech Labs custom foot orthotics can position the feet in proper biomedical alignment.

Pre-molded Rigid Sole and Post Op Plates
custom orthoticsThese RigidSolePlates (RSP), designed by Fastech Labs are constructed to limit range of motion at the MP joints. They assist with "toe off" during gait and are used post operatively to limit MP dorsiflexion. RSP's are made with 100% composite class fibers laminated with acrylic resins. It is suitable for applications that require a balance stiffness in all directions. Fastech Labs RSP's are made in full, 3/4 and half plate lengths with varying firmness levels available.

Pre-molded Foot Support
pre-molded foot supportOur pre-molded foot orthotics are (most) therapeutic in treating and preventing excessive-pronation and related conditions such as: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, bunions, knee pain (iliotibial band syndrome, chondromalacia), and lower back pain. They are biomechanical foot orthotics, not typical over the counter flimsy insoles which provide little (if any) therapeutic support and control. We make our pre-molded orthotics at our custom (prescription) orthotics facility in Troy, Michigan, using hi-tech materials. Pre-molded foot supports and shoe insoles can be used as an alternative to custom orthotics. In-soles come in full, 3/4 and half length sizes of varying degrees of firmness and heel cup depth. Our Pollefex Arch Support product offers a cork or Poron fill for extra firmness.

Custom Orthotics
heel supportYour Fastech custom made orthotics are made right here in our office in less than 30 minutes. Our modern orthotics are made from the most supportive shock absorbing materials available. These custom-made shoe insoles provide maximum comfort and the ultimate fit, precision crafted for your foot. The evaluation and fabrication of our custom orthotic product will take less than one-half hour

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